Woo-woo and proud!

What is woo-woo? The dictionary tells us it's 'Unconventional beliefs regarded as having little or no scientific basis, especially those relating to spirituality, mysticism, or alternative medicine'.

This term was first used in the 1980s.  A lot of complementary therapies, healing modalities, treatments, and other practices and beliefs are referred to as woo-woo, but this is because they're not widely understood and most people are unaware that in some instances, they have a sound basis in science.

Now I believe in science.  I've not been a stranger to expressing my trust in vaccines etc on social media and other places.  I believe that science is something that is observed, tested, tested again, corrected, peer reviewed, tested again and constantly changing.  I believe in the Big Bang.  That the Universe was created out of nothing.  That the nothing stretched and grew until there was something.  Then over roughly a dozen billion years - here we are today.
BUT, I also believe in the woo.  I believe in something that's not tangible.  Something we can't see, but feel.  I believe in the power of manifestation, of sending out your vibrations into the Universe.  I believe in the healing power of crystals and essential oils.  I believe in energy healing, that our chakras need to be balanced and restored regularly, I believe in mediumship, psychic abilities.  I believe we all have our own spirit guides.  I believe it because I feel it, and I've had experiences with it.  Deep, moving experiences.  Sceptics could say it's 'mind over matter'.  That it's all a placebo effect (when talking about complementary medicine or healing). The placebo effect might appear to be an illusion, but science has shown that belief itself has real biological effects.  Admittedly, this does sound a bit woo-woo - however, woo-woo is only woo-woo in our mind until we know the science, and then it's 'true-woo'.

My mum was into 'woo-woo'.  She'd have crystal and essential oil parties at home.  Would visit psychics.  Had her own set of tarot cards.  I know she'd be bloody proud right now that I'm finally deep diving into this world.  
What stopped me from getting into this as a career before?  I was scared.  Scared that people would think I was a loony and living in the clouds.  I have a few people in my life that live by the ideas that things are either black or white.  While I'm living in the grey most of the time. 

Becoming a Reiki practitioner really opened my mind and heart.  Shut down (most) of my fears of failure.  I am learning that that little niggly voice I hear and feel isn't 'nothing'.  It's my intuition - hard core.  Intuition is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it gets.  Holy shit does it get strong!  I'm diving into these thoughts and feelings I brushed off as silliness - and making rock solid connections with myself and the Universe.  I'm also taking the time to acknowledge and appreciate just how small we are in this Universe.  This never ending, always evolving Universe - consisting of solar system after solar system.  It's just so mind boggling.  It really humbles me.  Makes me appreciate that I've been given this chance to add my bit.  So I want that bit to be real and honest.

So why not let your beliefs in.  Not just what you think you 'should' believe.  But what your soul craves.  What is your deepest truth?  Let it out, but also protect it at the same time.  The world needs more lightworkers.  More people conjuring their truth and sharing their gifts. There is a huge need for this in the world right now, and I'm here for it!



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