What is intuition?

We're all born with intuition. It's a gift that we need to nourish and nurture, in order for it to strengthen. Like a muscle really.  The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

As we get older, we tend to forget about it. Ignoring those little 'niggles' or 'hunches'. Life experiences can make us sceptical. We're taught to follow our head, not our heart.
A good way to describe intuition is the ability to take in energy and information without conscious thought. I believe you're either in tune with your intuition, or not. If not, you can most definitely become in tune with it.

While embarking on this new career and life journey, I've implemented daily intuition practices. Sometimes it's a meditation. Sometimes it's taking an intuitive nature walk. It could be sitting or laying down somewhere quiet and doing a body scan (mentally checking my body and notice any areas of tension or stress) or just following my gut instinct. Sometimes my body will tell me to move something, whether it's a glass from a table or a kitchen utensil to a different spot. Then not long after that, the kids could come running into the room and throw something that would have smashed right into the glass.  I swear, this happens pretty much every day.

The important thing with your intuition is to not over think it. If you get an intuitive feeling - act on it right away (obviously depending on the time and place), or write it down so you don't forget it, if it was a feeling, rather than an action.

When people work with me for intuitive coaching, together we take a deep dive into their psyche. Unlocking their potential and making space for what they truly want and need in this life. To really understand who you are, you need to open up and let go. Together we'll make a judgement free, safe space to transform your life. Pretty exciting right!


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